Online Casinos Tips

A few gambling jokes

Perhaps you didn’t have such a hot day playing online and since these brought a smile to my face, I thought that I would share them with you!

Joke 1

A man rushes into his house and yells to his wife, ‘Martha, pack up your things! I just won the lottery!’

Martha replies, ‘Should I pack for warm weather or cold?’

The man responds, ‘I don’t care. Just get out!’

Joke 2

‘My husband’s going to a casino in central Asia,’ says one elderly Bingo player to another.


‘Of course,’ the old woman says, quite annoyed. ‘Why else would he go to a casino?’

Joke 3

Have you heard the touching story of the young man who said to his girlfriend, ‘I bet you wouldn’t marry me?’

The story goes that she not only called his bet, but raised him five!

Joke 4

How do you get a sweet old lady to swear?

Get another sweet old lady to yell BINGO!

Joke 5

At the casino I lost so badly I had to sell the car in the car park. The people at the car rental place are going to be really angry.

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