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It is important that all online casino players understand how casino payout percentages are calculated and what they are at a casino before they choose to play there.

Most casinos will publish this information on their website and state which accounting company did their independent audit (such as Price Water House Coopers or eCorgra) to verify that the that the casino is operating fairly. If this information is not readily available, then this should sound like alarm bells. The method of calculating the payout out from land based casinos and online casinos is very similar. However, as a general rule, online casinos offer better odds of winning as they have fewer overheads but should pay close attention to the payout percentage. So what is the ‘casino payout percentage’ exactly, anyway? In the most simple terms, it is the proportion of the total money bet by players paid out as winnings to the winners. So let’s say that a site claims the payout is 96%, then 96% of all the money wagered at that betting operator is returned to customers in the form of winnings. The casinos profit is 4%. The payout percentage may also vary from game to game and many casinos will make this information accessible.  I would say that anything above 96% would in fact be a good payout percentage. Anything below this, and I would be seriously questioning about whether I want to consider opening an account with the operator.

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