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Think different. There’s more outside other than the grayness of online casino news.

You’ve probably heard it all before: “..We have the best bonus for you..”, “..Place $100 get $900..”, “..$2000 welcome bonus..” and many other false/tricky casino promotions and news.

Well, I can fix it for you, now you can read here in my post something little different, sides of online gambling that you still didn’t have the chance to see. You’re a USA online casino player? sadly, bad news for you; few years back Bush’s administration decided that the money US players spent online should stay in the borders of United States and not allowing foreigners to take the green cash that is well stacked in the wallets of the American citizen.

Fellow American, no one is allowed to tell you what to do with your money and where to spend it! Since then the land of endless possibilities became the land of limited possibilities?

I know, I know, we better not mess with the federal law or else….

Don’t lose your hope, and don’t listen to all trashy casino news, well I wouldn’t exactly call the casino news, that offering you the fake bonuses I’ve mentioned above, continue reading my words – I hope you’ll find comfort in them.

I’ll start with 1 news flash I saw the other month about a casino that welcomes players from all around the world, even from the USA, they are called challenge jackpot and you can read all about it here.

Sadly, search engines are not giving the most correct info like the used to in the past. Try to search for a decent online casino that accepts US players and you’ll witness the trashy sites offering you fake deals and bonuses. I’m in the internet casino industry for 8 years now, since 2003 and believe me when I say it, major changes happened in that time, some of the good sites, the ones that are honest, real and transparent are not in the top ranks, like they should. One of them for example is – the best in the business, you’ll notice that my links in this post are leading to that portal – they just don’t make them like the used to.

I will do my best to continue writing the news that casino players should read, the quality information and not the promotional, money eager worthless news that took over.

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