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Tips for Baccarat Players

In my opinion baccarat is one of the easiest card games and has one of the lowest house edges.

It’s purely a game of chance with no complex strategies or systems for you to master. There are only three different betting options:

  1. I suggest that you bet on the ‘banker’ hand as it’s the safest bet with the house edge close to 1%. The chances of betting on the winning hand of the ‘banker’ are slightly higher than betting on the ‘player’ winning.  The ‘banker’ hand pays even money, however, there’s typically a house commission of 5%.
  2. A bet on the ‘player’ hand always has a slightly higher house edge, usually around 1.25%.  The ‘player’ hand also pays even money and there is no house commission on a winning bet.
  3. The final betting option is the ‘tie’ bet which is notoriously a bad bet.  The chance of a tie is very remote with a house edge of nearly 5% which is very high by any standards.  Its attractiveness lies in the fact that a tie pays 8 to 1. But avoid it like the plague!

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