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Why play online poker?

Well that’s a simple question really.

Online poker is one of the best, cheapest and quickest ways that new poker players can improve their skills. We all know how expensive it can be to travel to Vegas or anywhere where land based casinos are allowed. Plus, casinos are noisy and distracting and are not the best environment to concentrate and learn from your mistakes. As for costs, well the rake (which is the house charge) is lower at an online poker room. In a live casino this may up to $5 per pot whereas the maximum you will usually find online is $3 per pot. This is because online casinos and poker rooms have lower overheads. On top of this, you don’t have to tip anyone! You will also find lower limits at online poker rooms than in live casinos. The smallest limit in a bricks and mortar casino might be $3/$6 whilst it is just 1c/2c in some online poker rooms. If I was just a novice still, I know where I would rather be playing! But putting the costs aside, there is just no comparison between the selection of tournaments, games and bonuses that online poker rooms and live casinos offer.

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